Welcome to Sojana

SOJANA is a true perfomance superyacht. She has won races and regattas, but is also a luxury charter yacht and her guests comfort and pleasure is absolute priority.

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Sojana beam reaching under main, mizzen and spinnaker.

Sojana’s powerful tender.

The sumptuous salon and dining room.

Sojana’s uncluttered, open and safe deck layout.

Sojana is my passion.  She is as fast and competitive on the race-course as you want her to be and yet she is also extremely comfortable and safe.  I named her after my Grandchildren, so she has to be.  She is a home away from home.

Peter Harrison, Owner

Being Captain of Sojana is a fantastic privilege.  She is exciting to sail, comfortable and accomodating and beautiful to look at and my kids love her.

Marc Fitzgerald, Captain

Sojana remains at the forefront of sailing technology. She is an extremely responsive yacht, with a fast hull shape, carbon spars and  lightweight PBO rigging.  It is no wonder she continues to win regattas.

John Bremner, Project Manager